After five years of being a “truckload only” line we realized something important. Our retail store, Johnson's Furniture, would have never experienced what this product category can be to a retailer because we were not a "truckload" customer. Many of the dealers I meet would like to sample a few suites just to test the category. So here it is! A warehouse with the top sellers from Vintage Furniture and products from our comfort brand, iAdjust™.

                                                -Chris Johnson, Owner

Try a little, or try a lot.

We know you’re going to fall in love with our line! Our flagship brand, Vintage, is created using the highest quality materials paired with exceptional craftsmanship. We are industry-leading in the newest styles and finishes.

Shop Vintage the way you’d hope your customer shops. Train your Sales Associates to point out the individual characteristics and differences in each piece. Every piece of furniture is handmade and hand-finished giving our line personality and style providing a story for your customer to fall in love with.

We believe in our brand because we know, with certainty, that we provide the best possible product Central Mexico has to offer.